Sunday, 23 October 2011

Xubuntu 11.10 and Déjà Dup

Since 10.x Déjà Dup is my favorite backup tool. Back In Time wasn't bad either, but I prefer Déjà Dup nevertheless. It worked very fine with Ubuntu 11.04 and I thought that this would continue with 11.10 as well. But there were some issues to overcome.

Now I use Xubuntu with Xfce so I have as standard file manager Thunar not more Nautilus like in Ubuntu. Thunar is light and fast and I really like it. However there are some features not integrated like in Nautilus.

For example mounting remote file systems!!! Unbelievable! In Ubuntu 11.04 I gave Déjà Dup my SSH destination and the backup started immediately. In Xubuntu 11.10 Déjà Dup told me that it was not able to mount the destination.

After some searching I found information here and here. For integrating fully gvfs support install:
apt-get install gvfs-backends gvfs-fuse fuse-utils
Afterwards type the following line into your console and add so your user to the group fuse.
sudo gpasswd -a $USER fuse
Finally start Déjà Dup and you will see that a SSH connection is now possible again.

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