Saturday, 12 May 2012

No auto mount of Canon cameras in Xubuntu 11.10

Changing the os of my mother to Xubuntu for easier administration went so far smoothly. She has a huge photo archive and was until now very satisfied with gThumb. However connecting one of her Canon cameras for the first time to the computer no auto mount started. The camera has not been mounted by Thunar at all.

Used to the auto mount feature from Windows 7 my mother was obviously not very amused.

Asking google I found several posts where users had the same issue. The first approach always was:


The camera (Bus 003 Device 003) has been recognized. Good.

gvfs-mount -l

Mounted too, but not accessible via Thunar.

A hint was to start Gigolo. Well, that worked and the content of the camera was accessible, but not a very comfortable solution.

Now the next problem. Opening gThumb the camera has not been recognized. I tried digikam, gtkam and F-Spot. No chance. My last try was Shotwell. Fortunately I was lucky and the auto detection worked. It is a good picture manager as well and so I removed gThumb.

My next challenge is to open Shotwell automatically when the camera has been connected. I will update you asap when I found a solution.
EDIT: Auto mount works with Shotwell and MINT MATE 14.04 LTS 32bit right from the start!